Association File Upload

Upload Audit Files: Constituency Association

Use this page to upload required documentation for a Constituency Association Audit

After uploading your files please send us a quick email to let us know you have uploaded your files. We will respond and confirm receipt.

You must upload a minimum of 5 files, including but not limited to:

  1. Excel Workbooks

  2. Expense Vouchers and supporting Invoices (One PDF file per voucher. Each PDF File includes the Voucher Cover Page with the invoices as subsequent pages. Each PDF file is labeled properly)

  3. Annual Sign Inventory Report

  4. Bank Statements that include images of the cheques issued for expenses paid (each file is labeled to indicate the month of the bank statement)

  5. Support documents from bank to confirm recipient of e-transfers (All provided in one PDF Document, one file).

  6. Document Checklist

Also, include any needed supporting documentation.

Please include ALL required files!