Provincial Campaign or Association – Auditor Engagement

Political Finances


Requirements before engagement:

For the audit, the campaign or constituency association Chief Financial Officer must be able to:

  1. Provide bank statements for the audit period (campaign period or annual period).  The campaign bank statements must include images of cancelled cheques (images of cheques that were issued that cleared the bank).
  2. Provide e-Transfer Transaction Details.  The bank statements should report the recipient or sender name if any e-transfers were sent or received.  Some banks statements do not report the details, however, offer detailed e-transfer history reports.  These reports can be provided in such cases.
  3. Provide a campaign bank account deposit book (or similar record) used to record cheque and cash related deposit transactions.
  4. Provide copies of any cheques deposited into the campaign bank account.
  5. Provide Merchant Bank Transaction Reports – if the campaign received contributions process through a merchant bank service provider (eg, Paypal, Stripe), then a comprehensive transaction report for all transactions must be provided for audit.
  6. Use Microsoft Excel Workbooks and spreadsheets we provide to record bank transaction information and fundraising details.

  7. Provide invoices for all campaign expenses organized and submitted for audit using a voucher system.

Engagement Process:

  1. In order for Chaplin & Co. to become your campaign auditor an agreement must be signed by you. The agreement in this case is called an Engagement. If you meet and agree to the requirements noted above and would like to request Chaplin & Co. to become your appointed campaign auditor you will need to complete and submit the engagement request form to begin the process. Chaplin & Co. will be in touch with you shortly after your submission to discuss the possibility of working as your campaign auditor.